Closet Door Broken and Removed

Carpet Left Filthy

Carpet Left Filthy

Broken Off and Missing Wall Plates

Holes Found Throughout Entire House

Holes Found Throughout Entire House

Doors Never Cleanded with Caked on Dirt

Bathroom Fixtures Broken

Door Ripped Off It's Hindges

Closet Shelving Broken Off Wall and Missing

Ripped Screen and Filthy Cement Patio

Electrical Wall Plates Cracked

Holes in Walls Throughout Entire Home

Holes in walls throughout entire home

Cracked Tile in Bathroom Shower

Black Tar-Like Glue Smeared Around Kitchen Sink

Dryer Door Handle Broken
and Poorly Glued. Glue unnecessarily
Smeared Over Entire Handle.

Ceiling Shows Signs of Water Intrusion. Owners Were Not Made Aware of in aTimlely Manner

Kitchen Sink Water Sprayer Broken and Missing Pieces.

Broken Sink Handle and Black Glue Smeard Aroung Sink Edge

Grout Stains Throughout Entire Home - Evidence of  of Lack of Normal Maintenance 

Garage Degris Left Behind 

Carpet Left Filthy

Overgrown Landscaping - Not maintaned